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WiFi Time Tracker

Automated time tracking

WiFi Time Tracker keeps track of how much time you spend at work by automatically keeping you "punched in" for as long as you are your office.


Great visibility through the Overview, Daily and Weekly screens. Explore details by the drill down functionality.

Moving around?

Having multiple clients or maybe multiple offices? No worries, as long as there is a WiFi network present WiFi Time Tracker will automatically track your time.


Export your tracked time in an Excel compatible file (.csv) by mail, OneDrive, Google Drive etc.


Scheduled backups of all trackers and tracked time for optimal safety. Manual integration with Dropbox.

Energy efficient

Runs in the background on your phone with very low battery consumption.


WiFi Time Tracker keeps track of how much time you spend at work by automatically keeping you "punched in" for as long as you are your office.

With WiFi Time Tracker you’ll never again have to guesstimate how many hours and minutes you’ve worked when it’s time to fill in the time sheet. No more giving away time because you tend to round downward in favor for your clients or employer. You’ll be astonished how much time WiFi Time Tracker will give you. You can’t afford not to get WiFi Time Tracker! :)

WiFi Time Tracker support two different ways of automatically tracking time.

'First to Last' register the first and the last contact with a selected WiFi network. The time in between becomes the tracked time for that day.

'Automatic Absence' works almost the same way but with the difference that when a selected WiFi network is not in within range for a specified period of time that time will not be tracked.

Both tracking types support absence such as lunch breaks to be either automatically or manually added each day. If any absence is added the tracked time for that day is reduced by the amount of time of the absence.

It is possible to compensate for outside the office WiFi network detection by:
- Setting up a minimum WiFi signal strength required for automatic punch in.
- Adding a fault tolerance, called daily time deduction, which will be used to reduce the daily tracked time.

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  • Free (no ads!)
  • Fully functional except:
  • Limited to show the last 7 days.
  • No Weekly view.
  • No Backup.
  • No Export (.csv file).


  • EUR 4.50 / USD 5.00
  • No limitations!


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  • For corporations.
  • Under construction!


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