WiFi Time Tracker

Get Started

This guide will get you started, step by step, in less than a minute. You will be shown how to add a new tracker and associate a WiFi network to it. After that you’re up and running, WiFi Time Tracker will do the rest from there…

This is what WiFi Time Tracker looks like when opened for the first time.

Open the three dot menu and click on New Tracker. If you have a hardware menu button on your device, click on that to show the menu.

Give your tracker a suitable name (it can be changed later) and press the ok button.

Your tracker has been created and the settings screen for your tracker is shown. Select (by clicking) the WiFi network that you want to associate with your tracker. I.e. the WiFi network that when found within range of your cell phone will start counting time for you.

Confirm that you want to associate the selected WiFi network with your tracker.

The WiFi network have been added to the list of associated WiFi networks for your tracker. This is it, you're done. You can now let WiFi Time Tracker do the rest. :-)